Background History


The idea of starting a charity under Care Link West Midlands name was to let refugees from the African French speaking countries express themselves on different issues. Even though the issue at stake was health, members who first met to discuss the idea geared the subject towards a more specific object (i.e. barriers to integration in the host country). The outcome of the meeting was a common vision shared by all participants resulting in a common agreement to form a charity organization determined to pave way for those people from African French speaking countries applying for asylum in the west Midlands and those African French speaking countries originals who have been granted refugee status.  Major problems related to refugee integration were defined, the group gave some suggestions / recommendations to overcome obstacles and to enhance refugee integration.

Our Mission Statement

Care Link West Midlands will make a positive difference to the lives of the service users it supports.   We will work with others to provide a quality service and ensure that all service users are enabled to lead independent and fulfilling lives through the provision of quality services.